Enrolment Process

Enrolment Process

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Enrollment can only be guaranteed after a placement test has been conducted and the required payment made.


Parents are expected to complete and return the signed documents including;

- Media and photograph consent form
- Excursion consent form

Admission Procedures

Application Form

Purchase application form from the accounts office onsite or via our website, complete and submit. (Application Form Fee: N10,000)

Placement Test

A placement test will be scheduled for the applicant.

Literacy and Numeracy Testing for Applicants

Applicant will be tested on Literacy and Numeracy

Admission Availability and Requirements

Admission is subject to availability of place and fulfilment of the current admission requirement.

Numeracy & Literacy Test Requirement for Admission.

Candidates’ will be given test in Numeracy and Literacy and would be expected to have at least a 50% average to be admitted into the desired classes. Particular attention is paid however to the candidates’ performance in Literacy specifically – Comprehension and Composition.

Consideration for Candidates with Exceptional Literacy Performance

Exceptional cases in which a candidate’s average is below 50% but had performed excellently in Literacy, such candidates could be considered for the class seeking admission.

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Enrolment Process

Enrollment can only be guaranteed after a placement test has been conducted...

Requirements for admission into the desired classes


Two passport photographs of the child and one of the parents.


Copies of child’s last two terms results and/or reports.


A copy of Child’s birth Certificates or Data Page of Passport.


A copy of Child’s Immunization Record.